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PRENATAL Consultations

When you are expecting for the first time, or just beginning the process of trying to conceive, it's like entering a new, unfamiliar world. During our consultations, I will help you navigate through planning, organizing and mentally preparing for the birth of your child as well as the transitional period of becoming a mother (Matrescence). You have the option to meet one time or keep me on hand throughout your pregnancy. 


2 Hour Sessions or 10 Month Plan*

  • Meditation and advice for conception.
  • Nursery organization and supply list.
  • Prenatal Nutrition and Kitchen Prep
  • Guidance and referrals for birthing
  • Birth "planning"
  • Postpartum care plan
  • Basic breastfeeding and breast pump education
  • Blessing Way Ceremony


*Prices given upon request


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