"I don’t know how I would have survived my first child without Annalisa.  I relied on her to suggest the right books to read in anticipation of labor.  She even bookmarked and highlighted areas!  Her pre-natal yoga taught me the proper way to do a kegal and stretch my aching joints.  Though I knew she had particular expertise in natural labor, she supported my choice of a traditional hospital birth.  She literally brought me a poop color chart to the hospital!  After the baby was born, she came to my house with a strapless bra, pulled my nipples through the holes, and literally hooked me up to a hands-free breast pump, a life changer!  She taught me the best ways to store and freeze milk and even how to hand pump in the middle of the night when I was too tired to use the pump.  She taught me how to trim his nails and swaddle him correctly, and when the time came, she coached me through transitioning my child from co-sleeping into his crib.  I remember calling her at 5am in tears after my child slept for 8 hours straight in his crib.  To this day, three kids later, she is my go-to for all things pre and post natal.  Not only did she buy my son the special “blanky” he used for his first 3 years of life, she in essence, became my “blanky” – a source of comfort and support as I entered this brand new world of motherhood."



"Annalisa was a lifesaver during my first year of motherhood and I can't recommend her pre- and postpartum services more.  Where I was overwhelmed and confused,  she was helpful and clear-headed.  From helping create a birth plan, creating a daily routine (and later a sleep schedule) for my little one and gently supporting my self-care methods, I couldn't have done it without her."